End of Life Care (Soul Midwifery)

"A good death is an extraordinary, moving and sacred experience. It can also have a healing quality, not only for the person who is involved but their families, friends and wider community" 
- Felicity Warner, Gentle Dying.

Few of us like to face the subject of dying. Sadly the reality is that death will affect us all.

A Soul Midwife is here to help you navigate through the shock and fear that terminal illness and dying can create for us and our families, offering practical help and lighting a path through this often confusing time. Our aim is to provide “Holistic and Spiritual care for the Dying”. We are non-denominational and offer practical and emotional support to those on their final journey. We work in harmony with, and alongside medical teams to bring back the human touch in a world increasingly full of technology.

Soul Midwives are a highly trained, non-medical, multi-faith group dedicated and determined to make dying a better experience, not just for the person dying but also for their loved ones left behind. We work in hospices, care homes, hospitals and with those that have chosen to die at home. Our work can cover anything from organising to get the dog walked to creating an “End of Life Plan” where we document the wishes of the dying person and help to organise the details of a funeral service.

In my role as a Soul Midwife I might work with someone from the point of diagnosis or introduction of palliative care. I offer help that extends to the emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of the individual. This can take the form of  gentle massage, visualization, sound therapy, essential oils, Bach flower remedies, Crystal Therapy, Colour therapy, Reiki and energy balancing therapy. If the individual and family require it I will sit holding a vigil in the final hours of life to provide comfort and create a calming and dignified atmosphere. After death I will continue to offer care and compassion in the form of prayer and connection for as long as is needed in accordance with the wishes of the individual and their family.

What do I offer as a Soul Midwife?

· Help individuals to plan and prepare

· I will visit the individual at home, in hospital or in a hospice

· I work as a compassionate, non-medical, holistic guide toward a dignified, gentle and tranquil death

· I can be present at hospital appointments if required

· Support to the individual to enjoy their remaining time as much as possible – I can help to organize memories to leave for loved ones

· Offer complementary therapies to the individual and/or family members

· Provide respite for family members to enable them to rest

· I offer a space to talk about death (without fixing)

· I respect the dying person’s religious/spiritual or atheist/agnostic beliefs and practices, I will support the individual’s plans prior to and after death

· I can offer support to family members and friends and, through encouragement and time to talk I can demystify the dying process

You can call on us at any time from point of diagnosis to end of life days, however long or short that time may be.

My work as a Soul Midwife  allows me to serve my community through difficult times. It is a privilege and an honour to support those at the end of their lives as well as their loved ones. My heartfelt thanks and admiration go out to Felicity Warner, the founder of the Soul Midwife movement for her training and tireless work to improve End of Life Care in the UK. If you, or a loved one are facing the final earthly journey and would like support do call me – I’m here to help. You choose how much help you need and for how long, I will work with you to create a support structure tailor-made for you and your family.

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All information and advice given either on this website, or within private sessions with me are intended for guidance only.You are reminded at all times that ultimate choice and decision belongs to you, and whilst I am happy to offer any help I can, this is not intended as any substitute or replacement for any legal, medical, financial or other such advice, that you may need to take.